Corporate Social Responsibility

At SKAT we are committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which aims to embrace responsibility for the Company’s actions and through its actions, encourage a positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, communities and partners. Our CSR policy covers our commitment to focus on:


  • Our Employees and workers;

  • Our Diversity;

  • Our Behaviour as an employer;

  • Our Behaviour as purchaser of goods and services;

  • Our Behaviour as a provider of recruitment services;

  • Our Community;

  • The Environment


Our policy is to act in a socially responsible manner, considering relevant social and environmental factors and to promote this attitude across the market. We believe that these attributes will help us attract and retain top level staff and help us grow within the industry.


Employees/Temporary workers

At SKAT, we consider the interest of all our employees, workers, clients and suppliers. Our reputation is one of our key assets and we strive to adhere to the highest standard of integrity, personal conduct, ethics and fairness. We seek to:

  • Treat all employees and temporary workers with dignity and respect, and provide opportunities to all;

  • Ensure to the personal safety of our staff;

  • Be honest and fair to all employees, temporary workers, clients and suppliers;

  • Always consider ethical and environmental obligations in all purchasing activities;

  • Not to offer, pay or accept bribes or favours;

  • Pay suppliers in accordance with agreed terms;

We encourage diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace. The main employment policies reflecting CSR are:

  • Recruitment policy

  • Health and Safety policy

  • Diversity and Equal opportunities policy

  • Modern Slavery

  • Anti-Bribery and corruption policy



One of our key objectives is to minimise our Carbon Footprint and any negative impact on the environment.  Our Sustainability Statement explains steps we are taking to reduce the Carbon Footprint.



We actively encourage all our team to help local community organisations, particularly our employee chosen charities. The charities we are supporting are:

  • EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices)

  • Sakhya (Cambridge Friends of India)


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