SKAT offers excellent services to our clients and exciting job opportunities for qualified and unqualified staff. Don't just take our word for it. Please read the testimonials below to see what everybody has to say about us. 
Naomi Cleary
Children's Ark Day Nursery

We have been using SKAT for a long while now and I can honestly say they have been a massive help to my company on so many different occasions. Sohini has gone above and beyond for us including back in the early days coming in herself to work for us if she didn’t have someone available. Desi has shown us her caring side by wavering our charges on one occasion due to many of our staff attending a funeral for a parent, only a kind hearted person would do this. Thank-you so much for everything you do (and will do) for us.

Lucija Golouh
Nursery Practitioner

“I was working for Skat agency for a bit more than a year and a half. In all my time working there I have nothing but great things to say about the agency.  Because I was studying at the same time as working it was very important for me to have that flexibility at work. Desi and Sohini went way beyond of being flexible on working hours. I felt supported and encouraged to expand my profession in education. As a foreigner I was sometimes confused with paperwork and they always took their time to help me go through it step by step.  Working for Desi and Sohini is best choice to take when considering agency work.”

Nursery Manager

"We are very happy with the service we receive. We are fortunate enough to have recruited a member of staff who started through your agency as bank staff and is now a permanent member of our team. When we book cover we get the same people so it supports children’s routines having someone who knows them and our routines too."

Elena Navarro
Nursery Nurse

"You have been always very kind with me, supporting me in everything, so I really appreciate your gesture and I will talk about your Agency to my friends. "

Sunflower Nursery

"SKAT have always been very efficient with our bookings. We send through the bookings by email and they are dealt with quickly and efficiently.


As much as possible, familiar staff are sent to us so they know the Nursery and Children and staff feel confident working alongside them.


It has been commented on by our finance department that the invoices are clear and simple so it is easy to see what we are paying for.


A helpful, reliable service. Thank you."

Anita James(Manager)
Crocus Early Years, Genome Campus

"I am extremely happy with the service provided by Skat agency. The agency

ensures that the staff they provide to support my team are consistent, punctual, polite and very flexible. The staff provided have integrated within the working environment 


I am impressed by the standard of staff that is predominately qualified to a degree level in Education. 


I really appreciate that every effort is made to replace a member of staff in the case of sickness at short notice to ensure minimal impact on my nursery. 

Overall I am extremely satisfied , thank you for your continued support."

Lucia Bernal
Nursery Nurse

I am very happy with the time I have spent being part of the team

SKAT. It is a great Agency. Desi and Sohini are very nice and understanding,

they have made me feel supported in every moment. They are quite

professional and always try to inform you in advance about the working

hours. It is really a pleasure to work with them. I would highly recommend

this Agency to all my friends. Thank you for everything.

Tanima Dhar
Nursery Nurse

"Hi Desi /Sohini

In Dec when i came here in Cambridge i started looking for job in my genre thats advertising: when i came accross this ad of SKAT,thought of it to be a filler inbetween my job search and applied.

I started working from February and am really thankful to Desi and Sohini for the flexi hours they offer and adjust my schedule to the requirement of Nurseries.

I have now stopped looking for something permanent as this one fits perfect to my schedule with my 9 yr and husband traveling almost every month. Thank you Desi and Sohini for this oppertunity."

Head of Nursery

SKAT always tries to help and usually manages to find someone for us. The staff sent, are all very friendly, able to work under supervision but also show initiative when needed.


The safety verification is very helpful and the fees are very competitive. We have had supply staff but also interviewed candidates from SKAT and must say that most of the candidates were very well chosen and presented themselves well.

Jasmina Subotic
Nursery Nurse

If you think about working in Cambridge as a Nursery Support, start with SKAT!

I started to work for SKAT as soon as I relocated to Cambridge, six months ago, and I have most positive experience with them. I came from different country and never worked in the UK before. From the day one they have been helpful, punctual and more supportive than I've ever expected. Good organization, support and payment on time is what I have experienced. I have spoken to other members of SKAT in nurseries, and we all agreed that they are outstanding as employers. Desi always answered my phone calls or sms immediately , and Sohini offered to drive me to distance nursery on several occasions which wasn't her obligation at all. I hope that I will have similar experience in the future with other employers, and I remember what Sohini said when we signed our contract : ' Now that you start working with us, consider us as a friends!' And I did. Thank you!

Helen Jarvis
Qualified Practitioner

Working for SKAT has been a pleasure and it is the best agency I've worked for. All the staff are helpful, friendly and caring. 

Carly Crockwell
Nursery Nurse

What can I say about Desi and Sohini that hasn't already been said. They are the best bosses that I have come across and have come to help me through some difficult times in my life. They are kind and considerate and treat me with so much respect. I love working with Skat recruitment and would recommend to anybody wanting to work with children to choose Desi and Sohini.

Helen Birch
Deputy to Area Manager

"SKAT have demonstrated a very professional approach when working with me to fill shifts. 


There has only been one occasion when they have been able to not fill a shift (on an ad-hoc basis) due to staff sickness. A member of the recruitment team actually offered to come and cover a shift for us this week!


They are always very prompt in sending a reply to emails with who is covering and staff are aware of our expectations prior to visiting. SKAT have always covered a shift if one of their own staff members are off sick.


I would highly recommend their services."

Tamara Moreno
Nursery Nurse

Skat is an agency that help their worker with everything that they need, they help them to improve with their self, to get experience and also to find a permanent job. In my case They help me with any problem that I had and they tried in every moment to be as close as they could, beginning to be a family relationship. My feedback for Skat is completely positive 

Patricia Santana
Nursery Nurse

Thanks to Skat I worked in a variety of nurseries around Cambridge and experienced different workplace dynamics. I felt proud to support the needs of young children in the nurseries where I had placements. The agency accommodated my wishes, allowing me to work flexible hours, and communication with them was always straight-forward and clear. Working with Skat was great!


Thanks very much!


Best wishes for the future.

Vera Bardhi
Supply Nursery Nurse

"SKAT is a great agency. I have been working with them since October 2014. I registered with them as a nursery practitioner / teaching assistant and they offered me work straight away with a good pay rate. Desi and Sohini are very personable/friendly and easy to communicate with. The fact that they inform you in advance about the working hours, it is another advantage I really appreciate. I feel very supported by this agency and can recommend them to other candidates looking for work in the UK."

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